Seimic Vessel Deck

The exploration area covers 6,893 square kilometers. It is located in water between 40 meters and 2,000 meters deep, to date previous exploration efforts were limited to shallow waters only. The block’s northern edge is bordering the Khan Asparouh block and the southern edge- the Turkish waters (blocks operated by Shell in joint venture with Turkish Petroleum).

Shell has over 3 decades of experience in developing and operating deep-water projects, with more than 20 major projects active today, and significant new projects under development. We will use our knowledge, experience and proven deep-water technologies to explore the Black Sea resources safely and efficiently.  Our deep-water activities reach from the Gulf of Mexico to the China Sea, and from the Norwegian continental shelf to the waters off Nigeria’s coast and our exploration teams continue to make new discoveries around the world, now adding Bulgaria to the list.

Shell believes that developing offshore resources must be done with care to avoid disturbing marine life and the local livelihoods that depend on it. Our activities in Bulgaria are being carried out in line with the national and European regulations and Shell’s Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Performance standards (HSSE&SP). We assess the potential environmental, social impacts and the possible consequences of each new project; this includes setting mitigation measures to prevent possible effects on communities and public health.

As part of our commitment, we conducted various surveys to fully understand the environment in which we would operate. Among them were: an environmental survey, which helped us understand all the characteristics of the marine and coastal life in the areas theoretically impacted by the company’s activities in the region; a social impact assessment, aimed at understanding the way Shell’s business can benefit the local coastal communities, working in partnership with the municipalities and universities training geology professionals; a HSSE assessment, aimed at achieving GOAL ZERO and preventing harm to all parties involved in the operations and no leaks to the environment.

The surveys have been conducted with the help of seasoned international professionals and reliable companies with long lasting relations to Shell and its affiliates.


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Mindful of our Impact

Seismic surveys give us a better picture of what the subsurface looks like, allowing us to minimise the number of exploration wells we have to drill.

Seismic Surveys

Seismic surveys are carried out to support the investigation of geological formations. Marine seismic surveys enable the mapping of detailed geological features below the seabed. Shell’s proposed work program in Bulgaria includes acquisition of seismic data and detailed geological studies.

Finding oil and gas

Oil and gas are held in porous rocks like water in a sponge, often in pockets spread over a large area.


Vast resources of oil and gas lie in waters up to several kilometers deep – energy the world’s growing population will need.

Commitments, policies and standards

We have a comprehensive set of codes, policies and assurance processes that define how we aim to operate in socially and environmentally responsible ways.