Our Business Principles and Code of Conduct define our core values of honesty, integrity and respect for people, and are at the heart of how we manage our business.

Shell General Business Principles

The Shell General Business Principles set out our responsibilities to shareholders, customers, employees, business partners and society. They make it clear that we always do business with integrity and respect for the environment and local communities.

All Shell employees, contractors, and those working in joint ventures that we operate, are expected to understand and work in line with the principles. We encourage suppliers and our partners in joint ventures that we do not operate to apply equivalent principles.

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HSSE & SP commitment and policy

The Shell commitment and policy on Health, Security, Safety, Environment and Social Performance (HSSE & SP) applies across Shell. It is designed to help protect people, their communities and the environment wherever we operate.

Our HSSE & SP Control Framework contains our mandatory standards, and accompanying manuals support these goals. The framework covers 11 areas:

  • contractor HSSE management
  • environment
  • health
  • HSSE & SP management systems
  • personal safety
  • process safety
  • transport
  • product stewardship
  • projects
  • security
  • social performance

All Shell employees, contractors and people working in joint ventures that we operate must work in accordance with the Shell HSSE & SP commitment and policy. We also have requirements for specific parts of our business, including shipping standards and standards related to the sustainable sourcing of biofuels.

Ship quality assurance standard

We have a company-wide ship quality assurance standard aimed at reducing safety incidents, accidents or oil spills from bulk transport ships, and reducing the risk of:

  • harm to people;
  • harm to the environment;
  • damage to Shell’s reputation; and
  • Financial claims on Shell.

This standard applies to all vessels used for the bulk transportation of products.

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HSSE & SP assurance

It is important that our HSSE & SP framework and controls, including our process safety standards, are appropriately assured.

This is the responsibility of our HSSE & SP and process assurance team, who are independent from the business and mandated at Board level by our Corporate Social Responsibility Committee (CSRC). The team develops and carries out compliance audits that cover a variety of possible risks in assets and projects.

Outcomes from these audits and the response from Shell’s management are shared with the relevant parts of Shell and the CSRC. The actions taken to address the audits’ findings are also monitored within Shell.

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